Learn about Kobo

kobocoreadLet us introduce you to Kobo, our eBook partner. For every book you buy through your Church Street-linked Kobo account, we split the profits 50-50 with Kobo. That’s right — with every beach book and every thriller you read at the beach or on a plane, you’re supporting Breakup Cookies and book clubs and keeping Cal in cappuccinos. Everybody wins!


Can I read Church Street eBooks on my iPad or on my phone?

Yep. With Kobo, you get reading freedom. Read on your phone, on your tablet, on your computer, your iPad or your Droid — we’re not gonna judge. It’s no secret that we love paper books (we REALLY love paper books), but we also like eBooks, for travel especially. All Kobo books sync between devices, so even if you read Chapter One on your iPad, the book will open on your iPhone in the exact same place.


How do I sign up?

Get a Church Street-linked Kobo account through any Kobo link on our website (it’s free and takes 30 seconds). When you’re first setting up your account, be sure to connect to Kobo through our site, but once you have an account, you never have to worry about linking again — any books you buy from any Kobo site or device will automatically be linked to Church Street Coffee & Books, so you’ll get all the warm and fuzzy feelings of supporting your independent bookshop while enjoying all the ease and convenience of eBooks.


I set up an account. Now what?

After you set up your account, just start buying. Download a free Kobo App in your App Store or Marketplace, or pick up an eReader at Church Street. Take your books — and your favorite local bookshop — with you everywhere you go!


I want an eReader!

Want to buy an eReader? We carry the Kobo Glo. It’s light and portable, the battery lasts practically forever (about a month of normal reading — about two weeks if you read like Carrie), and it reads perfectly in sunlight or in the dark. Come by the shop to try one out or to buy a Kobo.


Never heard of Kobo?

Neither had we. But we did a little research (okay, we did a LOT of research) and found out Kobo is a company to trust. Reading Kobo books is fun and easy: Their selection is better than anyone else’s, and their prices are competitive, so you won’t overpay and you will be able to find the books you’re looking for. Their platform and devices work at the same level as the leading Kindle. In fact, after Amazon, they’re the leader in eReader sales (Kobo has 20% to Amazon’s 55%). And they split eBook profits from your Church Street-linked account 50-50 with us, so now you can send Church Street Coffee & Books a little love (and a little money) every time you buy an eBook.


Got More Questions about Kobo? We’ve Got Answers.


Can I read Kobo on another eReader?

Nook, yes. Kindle, no. Click here to find out more.


Can I read library books?

Yes! You may have to load the library books using (free) Adobe Digital Editions. Here’s more on loading library books to Kobo through Adobe Digital Editions. We get our library books at Emmet O’Neal Library!


Can I read PDF’s?

Yes! Here’s how.


Something’s wrong. How do I get help with my Kobo?

One of the unique and wonderful things about Kobo is that they have excellent customer service representatives who actually answer the phone! You can contact support through the website, but we like to call them because we always get what we need and they answer the phone quickly. Try it yourself at 855-732-3662.